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Month: October 2022

Fresh posts from the grid

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Top View to Chocolate Overnight Oats from Wander Culinaire

Chocolate Overnight Oats

Today I created again a nice breakfast recipe for you. The good thing: you can prepare your oats one day in advance and enjoy it in the morning. It’s also a perfect dish for your workspace. Don’t waste your valuable time in the morning and try out my Chocolate Overnight Oats!

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Healthy Street Taco topview

Street Taco

The today’s idea is coming out of Central America, I used to have it for Lunch or Dinner during my time in Belize. In general the food selection in Belize is very interesting due to the different influences the country has experienced. But I will explain this later. Today’s recipe is about Street Tacos! But of course, like always in my blog, with a healthy twist.

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Topview to Baba Ganoush from Wander Culinaire Blog

Baba Ganoush

Today it’s time for a new recipe out of Middle East and what fits better than a Baba Ganoush? I love this recipe, as it is very simple and fast to prepare, ideally you do it together with an BBQ as an appetizer. As the smoky flavor of the wood or charcoal is needed, to give this dish it’s authentically taste.

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