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Category: Breakfast

Fresh posts from the grid

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Top View to Chocolate Overnight Oats from Wander Culinaire

Chocolate Overnight Oats

Today I created again a nice breakfast recipe for you. The good thing: you can prepare your oats one day in advance and enjoy it in the morning. It’s also a perfect dish for your workspace. Don’t waste your valuable time in the morning and try out my Chocolate Overnight Oats!

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Cropped Topview to Healthy Pancakes from Wander Culinaire

Healthy Pancakes

September 26 is the year’s second National Pancake Day! Get those hotcakes on the griddle, it’s time to prepare some pancakes! And let’s make it healthy! Today everything is about THE breakfast dish, especially in Northern America. I will share with you a nice recipe of my Healthy Pancakes.

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Top view into a frying pan with Shakshuka from Wander Culinaire


…also written “Shakshouka”, depends on the country you are in Middle East is a Maghrebi dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, […]

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Portrait of a Chocolate Banana Oatmeal from Wander Culinaire

Chocolate Banana Oatmeal

Did you know that oatmeal or porridge as boring as it may sound had a huge comeback over the last year!? YES, definitely! In my […]

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Top View to a Smoothie Bowl with nice garnish

Exotic Smoothie Bowl

As you already might know, I am currently based in Bali/ Indonesia. So I thought about picking up a local trend, which actually you shouldn’t […]

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jar with chia pudding, mango dices and roasted coconut flakes

Spiced Chia Pudding

I was in the need of a vegan breakfast, which also works as a dessert very well. Should be healthy! Of course! Mmh!? The Spiced […]

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Top View to grounded coffee in Wander Culinaire Blog with healthy food

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof what!? As some of you might already know I am following the concept of the intermittent fasting, meaning I start eating at noon and stop eating at 8 pm latest. Beside these timings I am drinking sufficient water to activate my metabolism. Small correction, to start my day more energized I tried a few years back a Bulletproof Coffee.

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