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lose weight without counting calories, use the autopilot instead

Automatic Weight Loss: Shedding Pounds without Counting Calories

In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, weight loss often takes center stage. In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, weight loss often takes center stage. While traditional approaches to shedding pounds typically involve meticulous calorie counting and strict diets, there is an emerging concept gaining popularity known as “Automatic Weight Loss”.

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tired of diets

Tired of Diets? Here’s What Really Helps

Are you tired of constantly trying new diets in the hopes of achieving your ideal body weight or health goals, only to find yourself right back where you started? Here is what really helps!

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Atomic Food Habits from Matthias Stuber automatic weight loss

Atomic Food Habits

Imagine, we could have food habits, which are keeping us energized during our day and triggering the best performance as possible!? The world would be so much more interesting, or? Let me tell you, this is possible! Read on!

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Addicted to sugar one topic within the Book Forget Diets from Matthias Stuber

Do I have a sugar addiction?

Nowadays sugar is present in most of our foods, especially in the western world. Maybe you asked yourself already whether you have a sugar addiction, while having a craving for sweets. This post is discussing exactly this.

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Forget Diets! Your Weight does't matter but your food habits do

Put your Weight Loss on Autopilot

Sounds good, or? Well it’s not as easy as we would like to have that! The very personal and also intimidating topic “Weight Loss” influences most of the people in the Western countries sooner or later. So it’s also not a secret, that this industry makes billions of USD on revenue per year. But on a serious note: is it possible to put your weight loss on autopilot? And if yes, how?

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Forget Diets! a Book from Matthias Stuber Chef and Nutritionist

Forget Diets! Your Weight Doesn’t Matter But Your Food Habits Do

January is coming in a view days, the holidays are almost over; “Puh, that was a lot of food for the past days and weeks! But now, FINALLY, in the new year everything will be different!” Some of you might have the same or similar thought now and looking for a solution to start it off. Looking for a fast or automatic weight loss. Let me tell you “Forget Diets! Your Weight Doesn’t Matter But Your Food Habits Do”.

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refined sugar and candy in jars

Refined Sugar vs Alternatives

As you might already know, I am trying to avoid refined sugar where ever possible in my life! Within my recipes in this blog I totally work without refined sugar and offer alternatives to you. This article will discuss the negative impact of sugar to our body and will offer you alternatives to sweeten up your life the healthy way!

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Exotic Dragon Fruit Smoothie and the ingredients and a piece of wood

Exotic Dragon Fruit Smoothie

A lot of people replacing their breakfast with a smoothie in the believing, that this is the most efficient way to lose weight. I am […]

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Water bottle with fruits around it, Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of Drinking Water

Everyone knows that we should drink enough during the day. But what is considered as “enough” and why? And what is the best technique? What […]

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man pushes boxes with words symbolically down

How to avoid a Negative Mindset

Negative Mindset, once in our mind we tent to overthink everything, everything in a negative way in this case! If you have set your goals you want to achieve, you don’t need a negative mindset and doubts! You have enough things to care about!

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