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Forget Diets! a Book from Matthias Stuber Chef and Nutritionist

Forget Diets! Your Weight Doesn’t Matter But Your Food Habits Do

January is coming in a view days, the holidays are almost over; “Puh, that was a lot of food for the past days and weeks! But now, FINALLY, in the new year everything will be different!” Some of you might have the same or similar thought now and looking for a solution to start it off. Looking for a fast or automatic weight loss. Let me tell you “Forget Diets! Your Weight Doesn’t Matter But Your Food Habits Do”.

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Top View to grounded coffee in Wander Culinaire Blog with healthy food

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof what!? As some of you might already know I am following the concept of the intermittent fasting, meaning I start eating at noon and stop eating at 8 pm latest. Beside these timings I am drinking sufficient water to activate my metabolism. Small correction, to start my day more energized I tried a few years back a Bulletproof Coffee.

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Top view into a coffee filter with grounded coffee

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

As I mentioned it already in my bio, I am participating of the benefits of the intermittent fasting. In general for your explanation: I start eating at noon time and stop eating latest by 8 pm. The idea is to give the body aside of these eight hours, time to regenerate. I am following this concept already for five years now and it helps me in many ways!

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